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50.000€ - 50.000€ bruto/año
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  • Interesting role|International company based in Igualada

International company based in Igualada

1 - Supervise the accounting for each of the entities in his/her scope, and coordinate the monthly reporting,
monitoring accounting information and management
- Implement the process simplification and improvement measures, in line with the main axes defined by the
Accounting Department
- Meet the main objectives for cost reduction linked to accounting functions
- Coordinate the tasks of the various participants in the accounting cycle
- Supervise the production reports (quality, deadline) which are mandatory under Group accounting and reporting
standards and legal requirements
- Ensure good debt management
- Supervise the production of monthly reports, in compliance with accounting standards and management control
- Supervise the collaboration of accountants with management control in analysing the results and preparing the
2 - Ensure that accounting procedures are applied, and that legal accounting and fiscal requirements, as well as the
Group standards, are respected
- Propose the necessary improvements
- Participate in working groups to generate and apply Group standards
- Ensure compliance with Group standards and legal measures
- Optimise the application of fiscal texts, working with the Accounting Department
- Carry out legal and fiscal documentary monitoring
- Supervise tax declarations
- Take the necessary decisions to optimise their results without compromising the initial date
3 - Manage relationships with auditors and external agents
- Organise the tasks of external service providers under the overall plan drawn up by the Accounting Department
4 - Manage his/her activity
- Based on the objectives of his/her activity, prepare action plans and coordinate the missions of his/her employees in a
coherent manner
- Propose an annual operating budget for his/her activity, and ensure that it is adhered to
- Propose the necessary resources for attaining his/her objectives and implement the necessary actions for staff
turnover (recruitment, transfers, dismissal/redundancy) and investments according to budgetary forecasts and labour
- Monitor performance indicators for his/her activity, implement corrective actions if necessary and inform his/her
- Conduct annual appraisal interviews, set the objectives of his/her employees
- Develop the team' skills for the activity and propose individual and/or group training actions that are necessary to
maintain performance levels of activities
- Advise employees on professional development and promote internal mobility

- Propose salary increases within the framework of the Group' salary policy

- Enforce appropriate disciplinary measures for his/her employees, when necessary
- Ensure that his/her teams remain motivated and that there is a positive working environment
- Check and approve team members' expense claims (travel, etc.) and authorisations for absence/vacations
- Ensure that job descriptions are updated according to group procedures
- Provide reports on his/her activity

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Requisitos mínimos

At least 4-5 years of previous experience in a similar role

Fluent English or French

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